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This past weekend, the long-delayed Rivers of Light finally started performing at Disney’s Animal Kingdom down in Florida.

The show was supposed to open prior to the 2016 summer season but…didn’t.

Well maybe Brian Pollett’s latest project will inspire you.

Pollett, a graphic designer who goes by the name Pixel-Pusha, went on a 20-day drug ‘binge’ and created 20 different illustrations while under the influence.

The Darwins eventually married into the Huxley family: Charles Darwin George Pember Darwin (great grandson) - marries Angela Huxley - Aldous's niece (Thomas Huxley's great granddaughter).The only thing Disney loves more than its rides, merchandise, food, and Frozen are its STAGE SHOWS. Their latest show might have just surpassed the rest, though, because it combines elements of every prior show, plus water jets, animals, and FIRE!The theme park giant is constantly adding in brand new shows for guests to experience, and each one outdoes the last (You like Fantasmic? Obviously, all those things together make a great Disney show.According to John Coulthart, who found these Hawkwind images several years ago, this comic was “done largely as a promotional piece for that year’s new album, was executed by Barney Bubbles, whom we highlighted a few days ago.Coulthart himself designed several Dave Brock/Hawkwind covers starting in the 1980s. “Codename: Hawkwind”) has a wonderful “MAD Magazine on acid” feel, note King Kong in the background of the first panel bowled over by the lameosity of the sounds of Engelbert Humperdinck, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan etc. Kember and Pierce were the only members common to all line-ups of the band.Both founding members have enjoyed considerable success with their respective subsequent projects; Sonic Boom/Spectrum and Spiritualized.This fantastic two-page comic appeared in the British underground magazine Frendz in November 1971.At the start this comic credits Michael Moorcock for the “words” and Jim Cawthorn for the “art.” Moorcock is a highly respected sci-fi writer who produced several classic sci-fi novels in the 1960s and 1970s, including Frendz was a weird duck, an underground magazine with ties to Oz and International Times—its original name, dating from 1969, was (weirdly) Friends of Rolling Stone, which was then shortened to Friends and later changed to Frendz.in Autumn 1982, both aged 16, and became close friends.Pierce was in a band called Indian Scalp, but he left them near the end of 1982 in order to collaborate with Kember.


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