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Dating etiquette going dutch

What is the modern dating etiquette for who pays for dinner?

Newly back on the dating scene I’m a bit confused as to whether I insist on paying for dinner, or would that be piggish?

” you’re essentially asking her out on a date to dine with you as your guest.

As opposed to, “Do you want to meet me for dinner some time?

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The Dutch tend to believe it is better to be honest than mislead someone.One of the primary concerns is who will foot the bill after the date. Speaking from the man's point of view, mostly, men are prepared to foot the entire bill for the date, especially if it's a first date and the two do not know each other that well.At the same time, they feel that if they offer to pay entirely, they might appear conservative and old-fashioned to the woman. The first, who take it for granted that the man will pay and the second who consider themselves equal to a man in each and every aspect and thus, insist on going Dutch.Here, an important tip for men is NEVER EVER let the woman pay entirely!Even the most liberated ones will refuse to see you again if you do that! For the initial few dates, ideally the man should pay (unless and until she absolutely insists).By taking care of the expenses, a man presents himself as someone who is responsible and can take care of others, which are the primary qualities that women look for in a man.So as a general rule, for the first two months, all the guys should pay the bill.But even two years of cohabitation later, some of my friends still write off the beginning of my relationship as a fluke.In other words, given normal circumstances and normal people (i.e.Unfortunately for my best friend, that’s pretty much exactly what happened between the dessert course and the arrival of the check.Fortunately for me, the object of my unrestrained lust now shares an apartment and a dog with me.


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