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The previous episode of Made In Chelsea ended with the unexpected, and frankly unwanted, sight of JP experiencing a moment of boundless happiness as Binky announced she would give their relationship a second chance.

Or twenty-second…But this week he was already in danger of being plunged back into crisis – or spontaneously combusting – when Ollie, Rosie, Louise, Julius, and his beloved Binky conspired against him by going camping.

If you have a question about your bookings or have an account question call 1-800-689-9025 to speak to a reservation agent. Customers will be able to view changes for the 2017 camping season on the Discover Camping Reservation Service on December 14, 2016.BC Parks is adding two new frontcountry campgrounds to the reservation service starting January 2, 2017: To ensure that your credit card information is kept secure, the Province of BC has recently upgraded security standards.Transform the great outdoors into your own personal home away from home by bringing along your coziest blankets, plushest pillows and a tent for two.Make sure to include wools and knits for staying warm at night, as well as more durable blankets for picnicking and stargazing.This might sound like a metaphor for most MIC behaviour but really was just camping - in the woods (in East Grinstead of all places) where, JP discovered, Binky and Julius spent the night drunkenly putting their marshmallows into each other’s mouths.Again, not metaphorically…His old-fashioned dress sense, his archaic attitudes, and his hair all suggested JP could be airlifted from SW3 2016 and dropped into the West Country 1783 seamlessly, or that he thought he already had been.JP accused Ollie of using a ‘calculated’ ploy to undermine his chances of reconciliation by deliberately pimping out Julius in the hope that Binky would drunkenly succumb to his charms, his looks, and his awful version of Kumbaya.The glare JP gave him, the shade of crimson that his face turned, along with the veins throbbing in his neck and forehead, suggested that at the moment JP belonged more in Poldark – or perhaps thought he was.Nothing beats the sound of the birds chirping, except maybe a little background music.Add your own ambiance to the day by creating a playlist of songs that are sentimental to the two of you.


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